The rise and fall of Been Trill was one that not a lot of people anticipated, but ultimately opened doors and invented new ideas in the streetwear world. If you asked anyone at the time, there was no way Been Trill could fail. They had the intention to make art and a DJ crew that bred creativity. The members found significance in listening to the kids. Been Trill was famously carried by their following on #Tumblr where they spread a great deal of influence. Using social media platforms to sell product may be the standard now, but there is definitely credit to be given there. Been Trill was one of the first to do it.


Been Trill was fresh, provocative, and bold. They released an abundance of collabs with important names like Martine Rose, Stussy, Hood By Air, and as showcased here: Travis $cott.


One might wonder how a brand filled with so many creatives fell off so quickly. Members included Heron Preston, who was most recently appointed as creative menswear advisor at H&M. Matthew Williams is the creative director of Givenchy, and Justin Saunders gifted us JJJJound. Florencia Galarza and mysterious member “YWP” (Kanye?) also partook. Virgil Abloh has impacted streetwear in ways that will forever live on. Some think selling out at Pacsun was their mistake. Remember how much this community values exclusivity? Or maybe you blame A$AP Rocky’s famous diss on “Multiply”. We know celebrity influence also goes a long way when it comes to streetwear.


If you ask me, there was no other way for it to happen. Been Trill is long gone, but look at all that came from it. The members found a great deal of individual success, and their collective ideas have reemerged in the streetwear world today. At the end of the day, they were all simply doing what they loved.


What I learned from Been Trill, is that the merging of communities is necessary for our development, at an individual level as much as collective. I know we’re all just trying to find ourselves, whether that be through clothes, music, or creating. So, I urge you to group with like-minded people who love what they do. Just think about how it might play out for you in the end.

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