Maybe when you hear "vintage" you think of band tees, Nascar tees, or even superhero tees. Saying the words "vintage" and "Supreme" feels unnatural, but let me remind you that it's been nearly thirty years since Supreme was initially founded. Pictured on the cover slide (also first on slide 3) is a vintage Supreme piece from the early 2000's. Similarly, beloved brand Stüssy, established back in 1980, is pictured next to that. The vintage world feels overwhelming now, and it's because it has become broad-spectrum. Hold on now, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I have to say, one of my favorite things about vintage is the act of catering to someone's favorite things. On either end that I stand on, whether I'm buying or selling, there are endless niches to select from. In sum, I think vintage brings communities together, and this is precisely why Tarsoles has decided to venture in.

The vintage versus streetwear communities appear to fall at opposite ends the pole today, and it just doesn't make any sense to me. Streetwear is a way of self-expression, as is vintage. Anyone that has personally talked to us knows that all the items we move are pieces that we actually find cool. Tarsoles is family, so we often find ourselves buying things we know our close friends and customers will like. Our goal here has always been to build community.

A large portion of these tees were sourced by our close friends from
"Reuse” who focus solely on thrifted items. It's been over a year now since we first met them in CDMX alongside "Panorama SC”. This August will mark a year since we started working together, and with all of us doing what we love, the community and friendships that came with were natural and effortless.

While working with Tarsoles alone has been extremely rewarding, nothing compares to the feeling of collective effort. We have nothing but big plans to keep pushing boundaries within communities because it is all just love here. We love clothes, we love shoes, music, cars, and spider-man. We want all of you to know that Tarsoles is a community that you are always welcome to join. Come along and let's see where love takes us..

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